Benesyst Beliefs

Our mission is to grow as the most trustworthy source of benefit administration services. Being trusted involves both possessing character and possessing the right skills and capabilities to provide extraordinary outcomes for our clients. Our trustworthiness as a partner and provider is guided by the following fundamental beliefs that guide every aspect of our services, leadership team and operations.

1. Be a trusted provider.
We believe that trust is much more than a discounted marketing-catchphrase. Trust is understanding the responsibility involved at all levels of our organization in acting as a surrogate for the employer. It’s about making sure every member of the team is both of high integrity and highly capable.
2. Provide extraordinary value.
  We believe that we should provide the greatest value for the employer’s money, period. To accomplish this worthwhile goal, you generally can’t be the cheapest solution on the market. Our conscientious approach means more beneficial outcomes for every dollar you invest in Benesyst services. Value is a moving target, and we know this. We must continually advance education, training and work has to be backed up by strong controls. We do our utmost to anticipate needs, maintain a corridor of excess capability and deliver beyond what is promised.
3. Embrace technology.
  Technology is, in the end, the most crucial driver in the value equation. We believe that our technology distinctions should make things noticeably easier for your employees and for you. It should be intuitive, friendly and reflect well on your organization’s image. Benesyst’s evolution from an HR services-focused enterprise shows in our use of technology for new solutions. Technologies have grown to be utterly integral to all we do with major resources applied to online tools, intra- and inter-industry connectivity, controls, mobile apps, etc., and our development path stretches for years with exciting innovations.
4. Be proactive.
  We believe we should anticipate needs. Nearly 20 years of successful benefit management experience with major organizations combines with our culture of conscientiousness, to ensure that we anticipate, plan for requirements and prevent issues. This is true administratively, legislatively and in terms of human communications. This is just a part of professional integrity and what you should expect in your relationship with the people of Benesyst.
5. Implement for success.
  We believe that implementation has a controlling and lasting effect on all subsequent service and process results. We invest time and resources to thoroughly understand our clients and ensure that a complete knowledge transfer happens during implementation. We don’t make assumptions or take things for granted. We ask and check and then confirm. The results which ensue from this approach have been an important factor in the stellar loyalty employers bestow on Benesyst.
6. Be responsive.
  We first try hard to provide the kind of service that keeps people from calling with “issues.” We believe that once an employee does call, for any reason, we need to be there. When employees call us, we will resolve the issue or call back. We follow-up. We make sure that issues are resolved before moving on to the next one. We help with problems that might not even be in our scope of partnership. And we will always alert you proactively when we see a problem that might impact your participants.
7. Listen.
  We believe that our business is fundamentally driven by the hopes and needs of our customers. As a privately held company, we are driven by the needs of our clients – not our shareholders. So first and foremost, we listen. Because when we listen we learn more about how to create a stellar experience.
8. Do the right thing, even when nobody’s looking.
  That’s our definition of integrity. When things go wrong we own the issue, we step-up and deliver a solution. It’s not about blame and excuses – it’s about taking responsibility and doing the right things. This deeply ingrained value fuels the trust that is so important for a successful partnership.
9. Deliver extraordinary quality.
  We believe that the best measure of quality is in feedback we get on the overall participant and HR experience. This is an important (but not the only) barometer as to how successfully we serve each and every client – each and every time. At Benesyst, we don’t care about being the biggest – we just want to be the best partner for benefits administration.
10. Build long-term relationships.
  We believe that caring, trust-based relationships lead to loyalty. That’s why we invest in the people, processes and systems that drive long-term relationships with our clients. We value the loyalty of our employees because experienced employees are the best at understanding and meeting our clients’ needs and living out Benesyst beliefs each and every day.
11. Exceed Expectations.
  Simply meeting expectations is “boring.” We believe that exceeding expectations strengthens relationships and that it creates more meaning in our work life.
12. Share Information.
  We believe that it’s our job to promote an environment in which the experienced mentor the new. We believe that what we learn needs to be shared through internal publication, through our knowledge base, and through our participant communications materials and through our Customer Care Center. We’re always working on improved communications, better online resources and mobile access tools.
13. Give back.


Whether it’s Minneapolis, Cincinnati, or California, we believe we should give back to the community-at-large that supports us.
14. Keep our promises.


Above all, we believe in keeping the promises we make to employers and their employees. Whether or not there is any contract signed. Our word is our bond and our reputation is only as good as our word.