Managing your Education Assistance Program

If your employer is offering an Education Assistance / Tuition Reimbursement program with Benesyst, you will manage your account online. You will also be eligible for special offers and discounts

Creating an Account

Simply go to the login page and create an account using your SSN and Zip Code or the last 4 digits of your SSN, Last Name and Zip Code. If your employer has other programs with Benesyst such as FSA, Wellness Rewards or Pretax Commuter, you will use the same user name and password to access the system.

Managing your Account

Our system will be set up according to the rules that govern your employer’s Education Assistance program. You can create an Application and, once an application is approved, add a Request for Reimbursement. From here you can also access communication materials, plan information and other forms as provided by your employer.

You will have complete access to program information including approved applications, active and approved courses and a full history of reimbursement. As the rules governing each employer’s plan may vary, please login to your account for specific details on your employer’s plan and options, posted on the Education Assistance Dashboard.

Required Documentation

As governed under IRS Code §127, the IRS requires Benesyst to collect specific documentation for expenses under an Education Assistance program. While not as strict as the requirements for an FSA plan, expense documentation must contain the following IRS required information:

  • Documentation must specify that the expense was incurred for that specific employee’s education (not for a spouse or tax dependent).
  • Documentation must specify that the expense was for an IRS allowed education expenses including: tuition, books, supplies, equipment necessary for class (please note that employer rules may further restrict this list – please consult your employers plan rules).
  • The IRS does not allow tools or supplies that the employee may keep after the course is completed; education involving sports, games, hobbies (unless job-related), meals, lodging or transportation. You can find more specifics in the IRS 2012 Taxable Fringe Guide here.

Most employers require the following documentation (please consult your employer’s plan rules for any additional requirements):

  • A copy of final grades in the course
  • Detailed tuition documentation to verify proof of course payment (credit card voucher receipt does not provide enough information and is not an acceptable form of documentation to verify proof of course payment)
  • Copies of detailed receipts for eligible expenses (please be sure to keep all original documents and receipts for your records)
  • Should you need detailed documentation to verify proof of course payment, please contact your institution to request additional documentation from the institution for your employer’s Education Assistance program substantiation purposes.

Please make sure that documentation is legible when faxed (do not use highlighter).

If you are combining multiple expenses into one claim, then documentation for all expenses must be submitted (submitted documentation must equal or be greater than the claim amount).

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